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Your Ceremony

Wedding and commitment ceremonies are symbolic practices filled with meaningful, often unspoken elements that touch everyone in attendance deeply.

Options for what you might include in your ceremony are unlimited. Here are some ideas you may want consider or redefine in your own special way. Adjustments to these symbolic elements and the addition of your own ideas will help to create the ceremony of your dreams.

During Seating
Bridal Party Entrance
Bride's Entrance

Entrances and

Seating of VIPS
Bridal Party
Ring Bearer
Flower Girl

Arch or Backdrop
Aisle Runner
Bubbles, Petals, Balloons
Birds, Butterflies
Cultural Clothing/Traditions

Sand Ceremony

Special Words
Declaration of Intent ("I Do" Vows)
Exchange of Rings (Ring Vows)
Introduction of the Couple

Memorial Candle

Inclusion of Children
Role of Parents/Others
Songs by Friends

Symbols and Gifts
Roses to Bride by Guests
Roses/Gifts to VIPS
Presentation of Bride/Groom
  (formerly "Giving Away")
Unity Candle
Unity Sand Ceremony
Handfasting Ceremony
Renewal of Vows by Guests
Blessing Tree
Memoriam Activities

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Wedding Ceremonies reference all ceremonies for couples of opposite or same sex. Same sex marriage is legal and welcome in Maryland and Kelly is happy to help all loving couples join in matrimony.

For those who, for legal reasons, prefer a commitment ceremony rather than a marriage, all options on this site apply for those as well.
An intimate civil ceremony with a few guests, an alternative to a court house wedding, or an elopement can be performed at Kelly's office in Baltimore Maryland. Information about civil ceremonies, eloping and alternatives to a courthouse wedding may be found the elopement page of this site.

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