Meet Kelly

When my husband and I were married, we had our ceremony and reception at a local historic site. We discovered then that securing a minister willing to perform our service at our chosen venue was critical to ensuring we would have the wedding we desired.

We were fortunate to find a lovely minister from the Unitarian Church who was willing to travel to our site and perform a ceremony according to our wishes.

An appreciation for the thoughtful and flexible service provided by that minister was the impetus behind my becoming ordained to perform marriages.

My goal as a wedding officiant is to help you create the wedding you have been imagining. I make no judgments regarding past histories or societal conventions, but I do care very much that the weddings I perform are in support of healthy and committed relationships.

For any service I conduct, I look for two things. Those are a comfort with the depth of the relationship and a certainty that the couple has an appreciation for the lifetime commitment being undertaken.

These ideals are the core of my work with all couples. I serve all couples equally including traditional brides and grooms, same sex couples and couples seeking a commitment ceremony because marriage does not match their legal, financial or philosophical needs.

In my mind, humor and joy are a part of any celebration. I pride myself on providing a relaxed and comfortable environment for any ceremony. On the big day, you deserve to be able to focus your attention on your guests and the memories you are creating. I will do my part to make that happen by providing a relaxed and organized service and by giving clear direction to your bridal party during the rehearsal and ceremony.

Phone: 443-504-4234

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Wedding Officiant (minister, celebrant, clergy, justice of the peace) providing non-denominational , inter-faith, secular and civil wedding and commitment ceremonies in the state of Maryland (MD), including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County , parts of Cecil and Carroll counties.

Officiants, Ministers, and Celebrants are all terms for ordained officials authorized to perform wedding services. Justice of the Peace and Clerk of the Court are governmental positions authorized to perform marriages.