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Your Sentiments
Our pre-wedding discussions are completely focused on understanding you as a couple and as individuals. It is important to hear your stories and wishes for your wedding or commitment in order to understand and capture your sentiments.

The beliefs and wishes you express will become an integral part of your celebration.

If you select a personalized package, we will be meeting to plan your ceremony. This is our opportunity to define the spirit and details of your ceremony. That working session is generally conducted at a convenient meeting place and is always fun and informative.

We will cover the history of your relationship, discuss the people and traditions that are important to you, and resolve any questions or concerns you have.

Some couples choose to prepare for our discussions by gathering readings or ideas they would like to see incorporated into the celebration. Many couples rely completely on the wide variety of ceremony and reading options I provide. Either approach is welcome.

Using an interview process designed to create your ideal ceremony, we will quickly develop a plan. You will leave the working session with a clear expectation of what your ceremony will include and how it will flow.

If you decide to have an affordable pre-written ceremony, we will meet by phone rather than in person, but I will be sure to select words that match your sentiments, based on our conversations.

These same levels of service are available for couples who, for financial,social security, religious or legal reasons choose to have me perform a commitment ceremony, rather than a marriage.

Thankyou for making our wedding special

Please see the services and fees page for more information on packages, including elopements and ceremonies with or without rehearsals.

Weddings/Commitments are very special days, filled with family, friends, memories and emotions. As your officiant, I will work to ensure that your ceremony will always be a treasured part of your memorable day!